Thursday, January 20, 2005

What's on my Flash Drive

I received a 256MB Sandisk Cruzer Micro flash drive for Christmas. I've been slowly loading it up with stuff (an ongoing process), trying to think of creative uses for it.

Here's what's on it so far:
  • A README.TXT file containing contact info in case I lose the flash drive.
  • A 20MB 128-bit Blowfish encrypted Cryptainer volume. The cryptainer volume houses my Data directory.
  • An unsecured data directory called Lore.
  • A Books directory containing eReader, a couple of Palm Doc books, and a couple of PDF books.
  • A MP3 directory with Coolplayer in it (but no MP3s yet).
  • A Games directory containing Asteroids, Tetris (both from, and Chess-It.
  • A Utils directory with 7za.exe, Upx, MD5Sum, Split32, Nano, and GnuPG.
  • A Tools directory containing installers for AntiVir, Spybot S&D, Adaware, Firefox, Miranda, Putty, 7-Zip, Irfanview, and AxCrypt.
Any standalone executables on the drive, such as the games or utilities, have been compressed with UPX so that they use up only half as much space.

I've been thinking about putting portable versions of Firefox and other programs on the drive, but I don't want to put excessive wear on it. It's easy to carry an installer and "upgrade" any computer that doesn't have a program I need, and keeping portable working versions would take up a lot of space. As it is, I've got room to carry around some big files (like OpenOffice) and still have lots of room to spare (over 100 MB). I might try putting a copy of Slax on the drive for fun.

So, do you have any interesting uses for your flash drive?

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