Sunday, January 29, 2006

Computer Tune-Up Guide

Being a computer geek, I've often got people asking me to fix their home computers.

Now, I could be surly about it and start wearing a "No, I will not fix your computer." t-shirt, but I'm too nice.

Unfortunately, as any geek knows, working on someone's home computer is a dreadful time sink, and there's no way anyone can possibly pay you enough for your time (especially since professional rates quickly outstrip what any home user is willing to pay).

So, I've finally gotten around to writing a one-page computer tune-up guide. It's intentionally simple, but provides enough information to help people set up some basic things to keep their computers running smoothly.

Now I can claim my legitimate excuses of not enough time and energy, and still politely provide some assistance. I've also written a one-page intro to open source software.

Here they are:

Computer Tune-Up Guide

Introduction to Open Source Software

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