Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Spending money I don't have on books...

My mom and I went to the Book Depot Boxing Week sale again this year. Book Depot is a warehouse book store that specializes in discount books, where the average price on hardcovers is roughly $8.99 CDN. Well, every year for their boxing day sale, everything in the store is 50% off. Book lovers' heaven.

So, you know you're a book geek when you show up to the big sale with your own cart. We've found from previous years that carrying stacks of books around a huge store for a couple hours is tiring. Now we bring a folding grocery cart with us (so we don't have to fight for the limited supply of actual grocery carts in the store). We quickly filled our cart, and started stacking books on top. I was especially pleased to pick up a couple of the latest books from Charles de Lint and Guy Gavriel Kay.

I ended up getting 26 books, mostly hardcover, for $127.57 (including taxes). Average price $4.91 each. Not bad, a super deal, but unfortunately even that hurts a lot when you're as poor as I am right now. What can I say, though? Books are my only vice. Now I just have to find shelf space...

Update: I couldn't resist a second trip... another 8 books, all hardcover, $28.31.

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